How To Eat Vegan When Your Friends Don’t

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Let’s be honest, eating is more than just sustenance.  It’s a way to bond with people.

That’s why eating vegan can be hard at times.

I’ve been to several dinner parties where the only food is little smokies, meatballs, and chicken wings.  That’s tough after you go vegan. You definitely don’t want to offend the host, but you also don’t want to become an omnivore for an afternoon.  Plus let’s be real, no one wants to be the only person not eating.

This situation this begs the question: How do you eat vegan even when your friends don’t?

Everyone loves food

So invite people to your house and win them over with foods that are vegan!  I’ve had plenty of fondue dinner parties at my house where all I served was vegan cheese and chocolate and you know what?

People LOVED it.

I’m not joking, I didn’t even tell people it was vegan until after the meal and people were shocked. Most of the time people think vegan food is gross or only tofu and veggies.  Use this opportunity to show them how delicious veganism can be!

Plan ahead

If you are headed to a friend’s house ask what they’re making and then plan ahead.  For example, if they’re serving a taco bar, bring some guacamole. Grab a big helping of that avocado goodness with the taco sides and vwala!  You’ve got yourself a very delicious vegan meal! You can still eat with everyone else and not have to jump off the vegan train.

Speak up

If you are going out to eat get involved in the decision making!  Almost every Chinese or Middle Eastern cuisine has wonderful vegan options filled with amazing spices and lots of fresh veggies.

If everyone is set on a particular restaurant don’t fret. It is rare that there’s not at least one vegan option on the menu. Even the best barbeque place in Kansas City has a great portobello mushroom burger.  And, if you are in a situation where there are no options remember to look at the sides! Fries are vegan….I’m just sayin’.

Let things roll off

In almost any social group, you’ll run into at least one person who doesn’t approve of your decision to go vegan.  It’s fine, you were once an omnivore too. If you’re feeling awkward or attacked about being a vegan you can break the ice by saying, “You know an argument between two vegans is not called beef. It’s just two people with bad ‘tempehs’.  Lol, gets me every time.

Reach out!

There are so many vegan groups nowadays don’t be shy in reaching out and seeing how other people handle these situations. You will always be more successful if you have a support system! We’re here for you!