The Ultimate List of Vegan Convenience Foods: 24 Foods You Need To Try Today

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Have you ever felt like the world just doesn’t understand vegans?

Like it’s out to sabotage your vegan eating and/or weight loss goals?

You’re not alone!

Being a vegan isn’t always the most convenient thing in the world but thankfully more and more people are becoming vegan and major food suppliers are taking notice.

Here’s a list of some amazing convenience items that can be whipped up quickly without sacrificing your veganism, health, or flavor!

Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon

Vegan bacon has NEVER tasted so good! Such a great texture and smoky flavor you won’t even miss the fact that it’s not meat. Also, with 75% less fat than bacon you miss the calories either.

Lightlife Gimme Lean Breakfast Patties 

Do you like sausage but not the guilt and nastiness that comes with it? This sausage was made for you.

It’s so good I used to buy it before I went vegan because it’s so much healthier.

Now that we’re vegan I enjoy them with avocado toast for an amazing breakfast.

Sweet Earth’s Big Sur Breakfast Burrito

These are sooo good and so filling!!! This burrito will give you all of the amazing flavor you want in a breakfast burrito without any of that funky vegan flavor that sometimes sneaks in. GREAT for a breakfast where you don’t have the time or energy to cook.

Amy’s Breakfast Burrito

Potatoes, black beans, veggies, tofu, and salsa. These make not only for a great start to your day but they’re also amazing for any lunch or dinner where you’re on the go and need a filling (yet good for you) meal. They also have a hearty helping of protein at 12 grams with a subtle 270 calories.

Boca’s Original Turk’y Veggie Burgers

Be warned: this isn’t one of those foods where you’re going to swear you’re eating meat. However, they’re still tasty and they’re amazingly healthy. In only 90 calories they pack 17 grams of protein. That’s more protein than most protein powders! They also contain a lot of iron as well. Cook em with some fries in the oven and you’ve got yourself a great quick dinner.

Sweet Earth Vegan Tamales, Quesadillas, and Empanadas

All three of these quick Mexican-inspired foods are amazing. They’re full of flavor and vegan cheesy goodness. The quesadillas can be made on the stovetop which gives them a nice crispiness like you just ordered from your favorite restaurant. But (surprise!) they’re vegan and each one is packed with around 10 grams of protein.

Luna Bars

When you need a quick nutritious bar on the go, Luna has you covered. They come in so many amazing flavors (like s’mores) it’s hard to believe they’re vegan!

They also use non GMO and organic ingredients which earns them a big thumbs up.

Try putting one in your purse for those moments when you’re hungry but rushing out the door. That way a cookie won’t end up in your mouth by accident.

Not that that’s ever happened to me…

Amy’s Non-Dairy Veggie Pot Pie

Do you ever miss non-vegan comfort foods like pot pies? FEAR NOT! This version of the pot pie is deliciously crispy on top with warm gooey filling and a hearty helping of veggies. Bake one up on a cold night and snuggle by the fire knowing it’s full of plant-based goodness.

Daiya Supreme Pizza

This pizza is simply amazing. It has all of the flavor of real supreme pizza except it’s actually better. I brought this pizza to a friends house where they were serving pepperoni pizza and you know what? Almost everyone preferred the Daiya pizza over the regular pepperoni! Now that’s saying something.

Gardein’s Crabless Cakes

These are one of my almost weekly go to’s for dinners. I’ll make a bag of these little delicious goodies and put them in a tortilla with some asian slaw on top and bam! Best. Quick. Dinner. Ever. The cakes are so crispy on the outside and ooey gooey on the inside it’s incredible. They also only have 130 calories per serving with a whopping 9 grams of protein.

Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free Ice Cream

Sometimes you just need ice cream after a long day. Ben and Jerry’s has an incredible lineup for vegans. The newest additions include: chocolate salted and swirled, chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate caramel clusters.

So Delicious Dairy Free Oat Milk Ice Cream

The thing about oat milk ice cream that is great is it’s so good for you and it tastes WAY better than any other vegan options out there.

I especially like the PB&J because it’s like a classy and cold peanut butter and jelly sandwich in every little bite. Of course, if you’re not a fan of PB&J they also have other amazing flavors like caramel apple, yum!

Amy’s Kitchen Black Bean Tamale Verde

You don’t even need to be running late to have this on your weekly meal plan, it’s that good. Delicious authentic mexican flavor. And, they sell these at Walmart so the price tends to be more reasonable there as well.

Kashi’s Chimichurri Quinoa Bowl Frozen Entrée

Kashi is amazing when it comes to simple ingredients that are good for you. This bowl is so delicious and so great for you. Only 240 calories but with an impressive 10 grams of protein which most likely are coming mainly from the delicious bed of quinoa and lentils the veggies sit on. Yum!

Kashi’s Black Bean Mango Frozen Entrée

I could have put every single Kashi frozen entree on this list because they’re seriously that amazing. I picked this bowl because of its delicious sweet and savory mixture. Mango is always so great and paired with the spiciness of the sauce atop the beans and veggies it’s even better.

Kashi’s Amaranth Polenta Plantain Bowl

Sometimes you can feel stuck in a food rut when you go vegan. That’s why this dish gets a place on my list. It’s super unique and super delicious at the same time. I had never eaten a plantain before this dish and I was not disappointed. Spicing is also on point.

Modern Table’s White Cheddar Mac

This product is awesome for a multitude of reasons!

One, it’s ultra cheesy.

Two, it’s made with lentils so the kids are secretly getting a dose of protein.

Three, it’s another great vegan convenience food!

Now let’s not go so far as to say it’s super healthy, but if it has lentils it must be a little healthy, right?

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza

What I like about this product is that it’s not just a good vegan pizza – it’s actually an awesome pizza in general. The cheese is so melty and delicious and the veggie seasoning is to die for. This is another great vegan convenience item to keep around for those emergency meals.

Aldi’s Earth Grown Meatless Meatballs

These need to be constantly on stock in your freezer. Of course they’re amazing for spaghetti and meatballs but they’re useful for so many other dishes as well.

For example: put them over a bed of couscous with chopped tomatoes, red onions, lemon juice, and olive oil and you’ve got yourself an amazingly quick super good dinner.

Also don’t forget about meatball sandwiches and barbeque meatballs. These are affordable and wonderful.

Don Lee Farms Veggie Bowl

Just a word of warning, when you first heat it up it doesn’t look very appetizing despite what the colorful picture on the front may lead you to believe. But trust me, when you bite into this super healthy bowl it’s delicious. It’s also bursting with superfoods such as kale, peppers, quinoa, and sunflower seeds. Just push past the outer appearance!

Smuckers Uncrustables

I know this one is accidentally vegan but it needs to be on the list. My kids are obsessed with uncrustables. One time we didn’t buy them at Costco and my 3 year old son cried for 30 minutes straight. For those of you that have equally as emotionally unstable kids you can rest assured that these are in fact vegan.

Earth Grown Veggie Potstickers

Confession: I LOVE potstickers. Always have and always will. I was torn when I went vegan because usually potstickers have some sort of meat involved.


Hello beautiful vegan potstickers, you have my full attention. And, to make them even more irresistible they only take 10 minutes to make! Also, did I mention they’re so good that even my husband and kiddos loved them? Yep, add them to your cart.

Elevation Peanut Butter Cookie Bar

Anything that has peanut butter and cookie in the title has my vote! No really, I will sometimes eat it with a spoon straight from the jar. Anyway, these little gems are amazing.

But there’s more… These are great because they only have 4 ingredients in them and best yet there’s no added sugar! The sweetness from the bar comes from dates.

Gardein’s Chipotle Black Bean Sliders

Sliders are so cute, everyone loves them. They’re like the cute babies of the hamburger world. And these little babies are no babies when it comes to flavor. Get ready because they pack a punch! Take them to your next barbeque event and reap the round of applause.

Thank goodness the world is starting to catch the vegan train. With so many people going vegan (there’s been a 600% increase in veganism over the past three years) more brands are coming out with more easy vegan options every day. Who knows what they’ll come up with next!?

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