12 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast (Without Going To The Gym)

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Losing weight can be a STRUH-GULLL. There are so many temptations out there and life can be so busy that a daily gym trip just isn’t realistic. But, hope is not lost! You can take steps to lose weight fast and live a healthier lifestyle without investing a ton of extra time or money…

Even without working out!

Read on for our top 12 tips to losing weight fast without hitting the gym…

1. Drink a TON of water

Yep, you’ve heard it before because it’s TRUE. Hunger can easily be confused with thirst. Also, water helps you feel full without adding any calories to your diet. Lastly, water makes your skin look flawless and glowing. Bottoms up!

2. Sleep

Yep, this article is looking pretty good so far isn’t it? How to lose weight faster? Naps and water. Crazy, but seriously – it’s true.

When you are tired you have absolutely no will power. None.

That piece of chocolate will jump in your mouth and what’s worse is that you won’t even care because when you’re tired you aren’t able to think clearly or control your desires. Aim for at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

3. Eat foods that contain very few calories

Your body is constantly burning calories so you’re burning calories even while you are doing nothing. Couple this with foods that take a lot of effort for your body to digest and WHAM you lose weight while you binge on your favorite Netflix show. A good rule of thumb is pick foods that are high in fiber and low in calories. Some examples include: apples, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, grapefruit, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, and strawberries.

4. Eat breakfast

If you think about your metabolism, when do you think it is the slowest – when you are sleeping or when you are awake? When you are awake right? Because when you’re sleeping you’re fasting (a.k.a not eating) and when you’re fasting your body is conserving energy for when you are being active later. Therefore, when you get up and skip breakfast your metabolism stays in its fasting (SLOW) state. It only revs up when you have breakfast, so DON’T SKIP IT!!!

5. Use a smaller plate

This will trick your brain into thinking you had a lot of food and that you are full. The average American plate size has actually grown since the 1980’s – from about 10 inches in diameter to the current 12 inches in diameter. This may be one of the reasons for America’s obesity epidemic.

6. Slow Down

Faster eaters tend to be more overweight. You aren’t aware of how full you are until about 20 minutes into eating. If you’re taking your time and chewing thoroughly you are more likely to realize when you are actually full instead of becoming overstuffed.

7. Be Present

Turn off all electronics when you’re eating. If you’re watching TV or playing a video game it is easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten. A recent study showed that people who ate in front of electronics ate 25% more than people who were around the dinner table together with friends. (Not to mention you might have better relationships!)

8. Keep healthy foods in sight and sugary processed foods hidden

If you are walking by a jar of candy all day long it won’t take much time for you to come up with a reason to eat it. Even if it’s to reward yourself because you’ve been strong in avoiding them all day! In the other hand, if you are looking at an apple or banana all day you’re more likely to grab one when you walk by. You could even write a big NO on boxes of cookies and candies to remind yourself.

9. Plan ahead for snacks

When you are hungry you have way less willpower. You won’t even care that a chocolate bar found its way into your mouth because you just need food and energy quick when you are hungry. Thus enter the planning ahead step. Every Sunday night I will make little baggies of healthy snacks for my family. That way when everyone is whining about being hungry they can just grab a bag and munch! It takes all of the guesswork out as well! Fill baggies with any favorite healthy snack such as strawberries, apple slices, cut up peppers and hummus, carrots and peanut butter, etc.

10. Grocery shop with a list

This strategy will not only save your waistline but also your wallet! Force yourself to make a list prior to grocery shopping and then STICK TO IT! If you don’t need to don’t even go down the cookie aisle because it will suck you in! There has been many a time that I have wandered into the cookie aisle and been powerless to stop myself from buying those Mega Stuffed Oreos. They call to you! And then if they are on sale, well then you’re screwed. Stick to the list!

11. Grocery shop on a full stomach

While we are on the topic of grocery stores make sure you are not hungry when you’re shopping! Let’s face it your willpower is WEAK. MY willpower is WEAK. Everyone’s willpower is weak. What does weak willpower at the grocery store do? It justifies buying food you shouldn’t buy. Back to the cookies from earlier… you think “Oh… cookies sound good. NO, cookies won’t help me hit my goals. Well, they’re on sale…” You get the idea. When your willpower is low and those mega stuffed oreos will jump into your cart even if they aren’t on the list. Eat a healthy snack that will keep you satisfied and out of trouble!

12. Pack your lunch for your health and your wallet

The bureau of labor and statistics states an average family of four spends between $568 to $1,293 each month from eating outside the home. EACH MONTH!? Think of what you could do with all that extra cash! In many parts of the country, that’s a whole mortgage payment! Not to mention food from restaurants is typically very high in calories, fat and sodium. Plus the portion sizes are enormous in restaurants today. The bureau also states a staggering 25% of food from restaurants goes to waste.

These suggestions are super easy and don’t involve a new gym membership, powdered supplement, or an expensive device. Best of all, they can have massive impacts on your waistline and your all-around health. Lastly, they won’t cost you any extra money. So slow down, get more sleep, and grab a glass of refreshing water. You’ll be dropping those pounds before you know it!

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